Relating to your child and their needs

Our practice is focused on you and your children.. That is, we don’t just provide excellent dental care—we have advanced training in providing excellent dental care specifically for children. This is of the utmost importance to what we do, because as they grow and develop, children have a profound need to be understood and to be treated as an individual. Our advanced training in dentistry , growth and development, sedation techniques, and operative techniques provide a more comprehensive approach to treatments. We take great pride in providing a personalized approach for our patients, knowing how to put them at ease and encouraging confidence as well as personal growth. We offer a standard of care unique to pediatric dentistry.

We also possess a great ability and desire to communicate well with patients and parents. Because good oral health goes well beyond the dentist’s office, we help parents better understand how to promote good habits at home and overall positive feelings about oral health. Above all, we are absolutely committed to the comfort and safety of our patients.