A gentler approach to treating children.

For many adults and children  dental visits can be a source of anxiety. However, sedation dentistry offers an excellent way to provide a safe, anxiety-free, dental experience to those who are afraid of the dentist. Because of our commitment to our patients’ comfort, sedation dentistry is our preferred method for completing treatment for those select patients that may require supplemental behavior management.  Restraints are not used in our office.  We also feel that this low-anxiety method, which we always administer and monitor in a safe way, helps to alleviate negative associations kids might otherwise make with dental visits. This in turn, helps to promote good ongoing habits.

Sedation dentistry is often mistakenly thought to induce sleep. In fact, most sedatives allow the patient to stay awake during the procedure. Sleepiness is a side effect of some medications, but nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation and IV sedation only work to calm anxiety throughout the dental visit.

Sedation dentistry is popular because most sedatives can be taken by mouth, meaning no injections, no anxiety and no pain. Some sedatives work so effectively that even the smells and details of the procedure cannot be recalled afterwards. Safety and compliance are two important aspects of treatments, so sedation dentistry offers both the individual and the dentist the best alternative.